Inside The Vintage Boutique, LLC

Inside The Vintage Boutique, LLC

Lisa Jones | September 21st, 2022


The Vintage Boutique

The Shoe and Purse Closet

Purses and shoes are two of the best-selling items in the boutique. This section of the boutique is one of great interest to most women who don the doors of the boutique. This room is filled with purses, wallets, shoes, and boots. The room is organized by styles, colors, and seasons. The boutique offers off season items throughout the year when space permits it. The handbags and shoes are hand chosen for vintage styles and quality of the bag. Leather bags are becoming an item of the past. The owner shop exclusively for vintage leather items whenever and wherever possible.

The Gentlemen’s Corner

This area of the boutique is the most current store within the boutique. It was requested before moving to the downtown area. The space that the boutique originally started with didn’t allow for the area to be conductive to have a separate man’s area but with the move downtown into a larger area we were able to accommodate the men in our community with a gentlemen’s corner. The gentlemen’s corner also referred to as the man cave has an assortment of accessories and vintage clothing for men. This are a of the boutique is unique in that the building was once a man’s clothing store. We have customers who are familiar with the store still asking for the formal store and the item that was sold in the previous store. The Gentlemen’s Corner is stocked with basic clothing items, graphic t-shirts, funny socks, vintage footwear, and other items that are of interest to the men in our community.

The Walk-in Closet

This area is where formal and popular seasonal items are houses. This room is also a focal point during the holiday, especially during Christmas. The Christmas Tree and lights in this area make this area feel like a winter wonderland. Atmosphere and attitude are very important features in the boutique.