Specialty Services At The Vintage Boutique, LLC

Specialty Services At The Vintage Boutique, LLC

Lisa Jones | February 14th, 2023

Specialty Services and Events

When the boutique opened in 2012 the goal and mission were to sell gently used and classic vintage clothing and accessories for women. Four years into the business, we started to outgrow the original space which was one-fourth of the space that we are in at present. The business plan was revisited, and we decided to sell western wear, men’s accessories, and small home goods, but we were desperate for space. The home and western stores started to develop quickly, so we decided to move them offsites to another location to get more exposure and customers. This store was moved to Eden, North Carolina in a Vintage Mall. The store was successful and lasted for approximately three years. It was closed when the boutique moved to its new home in the historical Abe Koplen building.

The partners of The Vintage Boutique have established several streams of revenue in conjunction with The Vintage Boutique brand. The services offered at the boutique include personal shopping, image consultation, private boutique parties, an online boutique, and a mentoring program for young men and women who are interested in the fashion and retail business. The boutique parties have proven to be very successful in that a private shopping experience has been tailored specifically for the individuals in the private parties. A closet organizational service will be added soon. This service will aid returning customers who are too busy to shop for their own closets. This service will also help customers realize that you can buy staple seasonal pieces and alternate them with articles they might already have in their closet. Personal shopping is a service provided to all regular customers of the boutique. This service consists of picking out specific outfits for customers who have specific needs for costume parties, weddings, proms, and any other events that might require a specialty outfit. Additionally, the image consulting service is a free service offered to all customers with any purchase made in the boutique.

The boutique also gives back to the community by mentoring young women and men who are interested in fashion and the retail business. During its ten years in business, the boutique has trained over seven community volunteers. The Vintage Boutique has partnered with Averett University’s marketing program that provided interns to assist the boutique partners in certain tasks. Additionally, the boutique partnered with a community program in the area to train young adults in the retail business. This program’s goal and mission is to show young adults ways of being productive and keeping them off the street and not getting involved with gang activities and other negative activities on the streets.

Specialty services at the boutique include image consultation, closet cleanouts, and community fashion shows. These events are tailored to the specific need of the customers. Consultation is upon request of the customer. The boutique offers classes and boutique parties which have been very successful over the years. Boutique parties have consisted of book signings, pajama parties, art parties, Guy’s Night Out, and theme parties. The ladies at the boutique are welcoming and will find opportunities to serve the men and women in the area who enjoy fashion and vintage clothing.

The space with this building allows for 3500 square feet of retail floor space to accommodate men, women, and children and provides small accessories for the home. The Vintage Boutique not only provides a comfortable shopping experience, but it is also a respite for customers and passengers to step back in time and relive happier times and memories long gone. At the boutique, we honor ladies and men who were and are instrumental in the history of Danville and Pittsylvania County. It is a testament to honor family as well. The Vintage Boutique is a resource center and a shopping venue. We offer classes and seminars that focus on building the community and promoting small, local businesses, and highlighting local community leaders.