Summertime in The City!

Summertime in The City!

September 8th, 2023

Summertime In the River City

This was a summer for books, we celebrated graduations, birthdays, and much more.

The Vintage Boutique, LLC continued to provide stress-free Fridays, we took a group of young ladies to see the blockbuster, Barbie movie. We spent time in local restaurants and other venues throughout the city.

The Back-to-School event will be underway at the boutique until Labor Day weekend. A fashion show will take place at a local church. Also, August is slated as African American Business Month the boutique was featured in the RDA spotlight. As we continue to move forward in business let’s continue to support small, local businesses in the RD.

We are moving into the fall months, which will include more stress-free activities. We will partner with the local bookstore here in the River District to get our book club started. The book clubs will be hosted by The Vintage Boutique, LLC. We plan to enjoy the fall months and roll into the season of thanksgiving, with much joy and lots of activities for family and friends to enjoy.