The Black History Reading List

The Black History Reading List

Lisa Jones | February 6th, 2023

Black History Blog

I love the studies of history and cultures. I always enjoyed Social Studies and the social sciences in my classes. My favorite subjects in primary and secondary school were Language Arts and Social Studies. Even though these were my favorite subjects the material presented was not fair to all students, especially the students of color.

There was very little history shared about the cultures of African Americans, Latin Americans, and Native Americans in our history classes during the 60s and 70s even though this was the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

In literature class we learned about poets like Langston Hughes but were not taught much about James Baldwin, I learned about James Baldwin by doing self-study. During my college years, I spent much time scouring through vintage bookstores and libraries looking for books on Black History. I spent over a year reading as many books as possible I could find by black authors. I read Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice, Malcolm X’s Autobiography, and about 50 other titles. This opened my interest in all things Black History.

I read these books and never knew why and how I would use the knowledge, but I spent 20-plus years in adult education and this self-study came in handy. I used the knowledge and the books that I read during the month of February to teach classes to my students. I taught basic skills at a male correction facility for 17 years and the material came in handy.

As I reflect back each day of my life on what it means to be black in America, I reflect on the lives and accomplishments of great African Americans and people of color who paved the way for me. The opening of The Vintage Boutique, LLC is a testimony to these men and women. It is a look back at history and a way to engage people who are interested in learning about the culture. So, therefore; during the month of February support black and minority-owned businesses in your community.

In the boutique, I support family members and friends who are entrepreneurs and are interested in business ownership. I also mentor young men and women who are interested in business. I feel that it is my responsibility to do so because I had excellent role models who paved the way for me.

So, during the month of Black History please read books on African American history. Feel free to visit The Book Nook at the boutique and pick a book to read and let sit down and have a discussion over a cup of coffee. Continue to be enlightened and Happy Black History Month.